Volkswagen R DiRT World Championships – the quarter-finals round-up!

Helloooooooo DiRT fans! We’re still riding high from a wonderful weekend of racing from our DiRT 4 Esports series this weekend. If you didn’t have a chance to watch it, then don’t worry – you can catch up with Gfinity’s Mark Hatcher, FIA World Rallycross Championship commentator Andrew Coley, and Actrollvision’s Luke Crane over on Youtube:

For those of you who are here for the run-down of events and final qualifiers, then we’ve got that too! Competitors took on a two-stage rally across the Spanish hills and towns of Tarragona, and then headed to Loheac and Hell for their RX Supercar rounds.

Racing was tight on all platforms, but PC provided the closest racing of the night – as there were mere seconds covering the top competitors over then rally stages, and only a few car lengths between the winners and losers in rallycross.

There was an extremely strong showing from a couple of notable eSports teams too – all three members of the Oscaro eSports team qualified on PC, and both G2 Topa and G2 Nestor – both members of Fernando Alonso’s professional sim racing team FA Racing G2 – progressed to the semi-finals too. G2 Nestor made a particularly strong comeback in the rallycross events, having suffered from an early incident in the rally portion of the quarter-finals, so it just goes to prove that your race is never over until you cross that final finish line!

Our semi-finals will kick off at 6pm BST on 22nd April 2018, so make sure you join us for those too! But more about that later – for now, here are our confirmed semi-finalists:

Xbox One

1. sixtiethYard333
2. Day V M
3. KickedinYOOO
4. KAKamikaze
5. NickyL555
6. GT R Quentin


1. Veloce_Iza
2. Oscaro BillyCherokee
3. Oscaro Joona P
4. Oscaro Alexandru Botos
5. G2 Nestor
6. G2 Topa


1. OscaroQ
3. Jose29CR
4. xVZombieSlayaaV
5. IBzHIxShooTeur
6. mallucm


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